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We are craft ramen makers based in Manchester, where we operate a small kitchen in Ancoats, producing ramen and fresh noodles for wholesale customers.

We are ramen chefs, exploring the science and craft of noodle making. We believe in provenance, and sustainability, working hard with our suppliers and customers at every step.

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Our noodles are like no others available in the UK. We are small batch producers, which allows us to respect every step of the process, and perfect our craft.

We start with the best flour we can find, blending white and dark flours to balance flavour and protein content. Our dough is mixed with alkaline salts and filtered water, with careful attention paid to hydration, humidity and temperature.

The dough is rested, and then goes through several stages of thinning and resting to create our rolls. While this process uses machinery, the skill comes through the management of the dough, understanding how the gluten structure is formed.

After cutting, we store and age our noodles, starting at room temperature, before storing in the fridge for up to five days, perfecting the flavour and texture of the noodles through enzymatic reactions, and slow hydration.

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Our noodles are delivered nationwide through overnight couriers, to restaurants and home cooks.

Orders placed before midday will be shipped the same day, with orders placed before 10pm shipped the following day.

We store and age noodles on site, allowing our customers a fast and efficient service, and quality aged noodles delivered ready to use.

*Custom noodles will be subject to longer lead time,

and Saturday delivery is charged extra.


New Wave Ramen

Unit 2, Naval Street,

Ancoats, Manchester,

M4 6AX

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