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Frequently asked questions

How much do your noodles cost?

Our wholesale noodles are priced per box, with multiple boxes subject to more discount. The price per noodle will depend on the noodle type and weight, and how many noodles there are in each box. Generally each box will contain between 40-50 portions, generally around 40-55p per portion, depending on the noodle type. Please get in touch for details -

How can I order?

Wholesale orders can be made via text, or email to the contacts provided on account forms. One off orders can be placed through

Are your noodles vegetarian / vegan?

Yes. To both. We do not use egg in any of our noodles, the yellow colour comes from the alkaline salts reacting with the gluten in the flour.

Raw asian ramen noodle texture - In Japa


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