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Black Grunge

All of our noodles are made in small batches to ensure proper care and attention is paid to each roll. 

From monitoring humidity and temperature of the room, to measuring alkalinity and purity of water, we take every step to create a consistently high quality product.

A great noodle is about the journey gluten takes through the process. It is only by understanding this series of reactions and movements that we can create proper texture, bounce and chew.

As a small producer, we are able to offer additional levels of service, custom making noodles, as well as long ageing noodles to create additional layers of flavour and texture. 

Raw asian ramen noodle texture - In Japa

Our noodles are packaged in our eco-friendly insulated boxes for protection and temperature control for 48 hours during delivery.

We price our noodles per box, with the price per portion dependent on the size and weight (or how many portions fit into each box).

The more boxes on an order will reduce price per portion by reducing delivery courier costs. We are also able to offer discounts on large wholesale orders.

We understand that every customers needs are different, and we are able to tailor a product, price and delivery that works for each customer.


1.5mm | 140g | 34% H | 1.2% K

Canadian flour blend with added dark Swiss,  savoury depth, decent bite and medium chew for shoyu styles


2mm | 150g | 38% H | 1.6% K 

Stone ground flour blend.  Extra alkalinity and longer ageing for flavour. Hand kneaded to create waves and imperfections. Excellent chew and mouth feel for miso styles


1.25mm | 130g | 25% H | 1% K

Croissant flour blend. White low hydration noodle with lower alkalinity, and strong bite for tonkotsu / paitan syles


3mm | 200g | 42% H | 1.5% K

Extra thick, high hydration noodle for tsukemen style ramen. Made with a blend of white and dark flours, with extra alkalinity to create a flavoursome noodle that can stand up on its own. 


We source our flour from Shipton mill in Yorkshire, as well as milling some of our own flours to find the best blends.


We control the temperature and humidity of our production room, adjusting our recipes as required to adapt to any variations.


We weigh our ingredients, mixing our alkaline salts carefully, monitoring temperature and alkalinity.


Our first mix hydrates the dough slowly and prepares the flour for forming, after a long resting process.


After rough forming, we combine rolls several times to create strong sheets and align gluten correctly.


We rest our rolls again to allow the gluten to relax, wrapping and storing at a controlled temperature.


Rolls are then thinned and cut to the required weight and dimensions, being dusted with our blend of starches.


Our noodles are tempered at controlled temperature to make them suitable for ageing and storing


Each noodle then has its own ageing time before being carefully packaged and shipped to our customers.


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