'Cook at home' ramen kits delivered to your door. Ready to prepare reheat and assemble for restaurant quality ramen at home. Local delivery in Manchester.

We are craft ramen makers based in Ancoats, Manchester.

With over a decades experience in the industry, and having worked in busy ramen kitchens, we decided to embark on a journey to perfect our ramen game, one bowl at a time.

We have worked closely from the start with some of the best chefs and shops in the UK, matching our unique craft noodles to great bowls. We also work with local mills to perfect our flour blend, championing flavour, texture and aroma.

We have eaten and produced hundreds of bowls, and made thousands of portions of noodles. We eat, live and breath all things ramen.

From our commercial kitchen and noodle production room, we create craft ramen kits, delivered to your door, as well as small batch noodles for some of the best shops in the UK.

Our aim is to bring great ramen into your home, and to provide noodles to chefs looking to raise their game to another level.


About our bowls

What makes NWR so special?

Our bowls are built on the principle that every element going into them needs to be considered and necessary. New Wave Ramen in Japan, is a style based on sourcing the best products. 

Our stocks are built on the backbone of the very best mature birds, simmered at the correct temperatures and simply steeped after cooking with aromatics. We also use pork bones for some soups, but love the nuances of a chicken based stock. 

Our tare (seasoning sauce) is the heart of the bowl, produced with care to release umami rich elements from all ingredients and round out our soup. Fat or aroma oils tie liquids together, its all about balance.

But for us the heart of the bowl is our noodles. We have made thousands of portions, and believe a great noodle should feel at home in a bowl. The right flour, alkalinity and process is crucial to a mourish bite and chew.

Then we have toppings. Here we feel less is more. Spring onions are a must to balance a soup' alongside our tender rare breed pork chashu, a fudgy egg and some fermented bamboo shoots (menma).

Lastly, we have the most important ingredient in a bowl of ramen, time. It is important for us to respect the time it takes to make each component, and not take any shortcuts. We make our kits to be assembled how they would in a ramen shop, so all of the flavours developed over time can shine, and not be muted.

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